Nicklas Bendtner more than a target man?

To many when the name ‘Nicklas Bendtner’ springs to mind u think of a 6”3 tall target man, who gives u great help in the air and can hold up the ball well, great upper body strength… but he is more than just that he has a great first touch and wonderful technique he is as good with the ball on the floor as he is with it in the air, my views are shared also by Nicklas himself who in this video states he is more than just a target man, in the vid he shows great control and makes goals for team mates so here is the video

personally i think Nicklas is much more than a target man, do u agree with me?, or disagree leave your comments below

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  1. Do you think Nicklas is having confidence issues? He attempted some really audacious stuff on some of these clips and he doesn’t attempt those in the EPL. Ever since the public row with Adebayor, His confidence seems to have nose-dived even further. I wish him all the best.

  2. yh, i think nicklas is suffering with confidence issues, he definately needs more starts overall he has started only 11 games and scored 5 which is a good return, a run of games in the premiership will do hes confidence the world of good .

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