confidence mistaken for cockyness


Many people and reporters have speculated that our Danish talent Nicklas Bendtner is cocky, which is way off the mark. I think this speculation is unfair, i don’t think Nicklas is cocky at all, i just think he is confident and it is important for a player to have confidence, and believe in their own ability to reach the top level.

i think people get confidence and cockyness mixed up alot, Bendtner is due to start on saturday and i think the next few weeks are he’s time to shine, so what do you people think is Bendtner confident in hes own ability or cocky ?. Personally i think he is just confident in hes own ability which is important for hes development. tell me what you think


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  1. I don’t thnk he’s cocky or arrogant, but he’s just so self- confident. Nicklas believe in himself and in his own ability, this is very important character for a top-level player. He says and do what he wants to. Actually, he’s really nice guy, but I can feel some arsenal players don’t like him. What do you think?

  2. i don’t think he’s cocky he just knows what he wants, this is important for a player to believe in himself, its better than having a player that is not confident because them players would not know what level they can reach, Bendtner does know where he wants to go, i don’t think his teammates dislike him, if you look on the Derby goal nearly every Arsenal player on the pitch celebrated with Nicklas.

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