A Fans View On Nicklas

On Sunday evening i took the chance to talk to the founder of young guns mr J. Sanderson and he took hes time to talk about the Danish talent Nicklas Bendtner.


Question: When did u first hear about Nicklas Bendtner, and what was your reactions when we bought him?

Mr J. Sanderson: I first heared about Nicklas when i noticed a small article in the Daily Mirror newspaper saying we had signed him from FC Copenhagen. I just thought he would be another talented youngsters nothing more.

Question: What do you think Nicklas main Attributes are?

Mr J. Sanderson: He is tall, strong, and powerful, excellent in the air and an instinctive finisher, i think he is a superb prospect he has some important things to learn by from what ive seen of him so far he is a huge talent.

Question: Did u follow he’s progress in 2006 in the reserves, and hes loan spell at Birmingham in 2007?, And what did u think.?

Mr. J. Sanderson: Yes of course, in the Reserves he looked something very special, he would pick the ball up out wide and come inside, and shoot, he linked up well with Lupoli and we were all really excited to see how he would do on loan.

I think his loan spell was overall succesful, but Steve Bruce used him as a target man, which is not one of his obvious assets despite his height, but he got a few goals, and it was very important in his devlopment.

Question: Do you think Bendtner should get more starts, overall this season he has scored 6 goals in 11 starts that is a good return for a striker, or do u think he makes more of an impact coming on from the bench?

Mr J. Sanderson: He is of course a talent, but i do not think he is ready to lead the line for Arsenal in the Premiership, coming on a sub and doing well puts pressure on the manager to include him in the side. He is young, and his time will come, but making an impact from the bench is important to show he is always alert and ready.

Thanks for your time Mr. J. Sanderson.


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