Bendtner interview on Arsenal TV Online


Nicklas how old were you when you realised you wanted to be a football player?

Erm, i don’t know to be honest all my life all ive done is play football i played since i was 4 years old, i think when i was 10 it turned more or less not professional but into a big thing because i moved to fc Copenhagen which is the biggest club in Denmark and played there until i was 16.

In your career you have been named danish U-17 player of the year, youngest player to play for the Danish U-21’s, you’ve achieved so much its been a journey, what is your highlight so far?

Definately yes, its been really good u know obviously signing my new contract at Arsenal was a big thing for me and the best thing for me so far this season was getting picked for the Danish national squad was a really big thing for me and a dream come true.

You joined Arsenal in the summer of 2004 and a year later you made your first team debut wat did u remember about that moment? 

Nothing special actually because i only played for about 3 or 4 minutes, erm but it was good, but my first real game for Arsenal when i came back here and signed my new contract and was a regular in the first team was a bigger moment for me because i felt more part of the squad.

Arsene Wenger is a great believer of players going away getting experience, you had a loan period at Birmingham, how did u find that and how did you benefit from it?

I thought it was a fantastic year, u kno great, great year for me at Birmingham, erm obviously we was battling for the title to get promoted to the this league now here, which we did so that was fantastic for me and i gained alot of experience about winning games all the time, and playing with players that have been there and done it, so it was very good for me.

How hard was it to fit in to an established team as a player that has been brought in on loan ?

There was no problem, it was fine, it was quite easy for me to be fair.

Coming back into the Arsenal first team how had you changed as a player?

 I definately got more experienced, more mentally ready i think i changed all aspects of my game really, and erm i look more grown up as a player now then before.

This season has been very much a season of firsts for you, first competitive goal at the emirates, first champions league goal, first premier league goal, whats been your favourite goal?

My Favourite one i must say was against Tottenham i just got on and it was a fantastic header, i saw Cesc put in the cross, and i just jumped up for it and just put it in, it was fantastic .

Just after christmas u got your first premier league start against Everton, on the day how much pressure did you feel under?

I dont really feel the pressure to be honest, i just sort of go out there and do it i know what i can do, and what i need to do so i dont feel any different pressure, the day was mixed emotions for me though i got sent off which i thought was not fair i thought the second tackle was a yellow but not the first one, but i came back fine and we won the game 1-4 so it was alright.

Much has been made of the situation between yourself and Ade, whats the actuall story?

There is no story really, it was jus a little arguement on the pitch, we’re fine now and we have a fine relationship.

Arsenal’s season has been dominated by injuries, with players on the sidelines you have a fantastic opportunity havent you?

Yeah i think so, for most of the season i have been in most of the squads, and i wanna stay and keep it that way and i wanna push on and try and get more first team opportunities, but in football you’ll always have injuries, one day it might be me someday it might be somebody else, but when you dont have anyone in these positions you need to step up and take your opportunities.

Former Danish and Manchester united defender John Sivebaek has compared you with the speed of Thierry Henry and unpredictable style like Ibrahimovic how do you feel when you are compared with great players like that?

Its great, these two people are both one of the greatest strikers around, so i feel very happy with him saying that.

Whats your favourite football ground, away from the Emirates?

Ive been to obviously the San Siro now, i been to Real Madrid, and Old trafford and i think all three are amazing stadiums, i wouldnt be able to pick one, they all have there own atmospheres and style in there own way, so i wouldn’t be able to pick one.

Which players have impressed you in the Premiership so far this season?

I haven’t really watched much football so i’m not sure, i dont really watch that much football, but i think obviously Ronaldo has done it now second season in a row, but there are other people around like when i read the newspapers i see Yakubu’s doing well for Everton, and of course Torres has settled in well.

What do you do when your not playing football in your spare time ?

i go to the cinema, go out with friends, do alot of shopping, rest, and do alot of casual stuff and normal stuff that other young people do.

What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

Trophies, i want to win it’ll be great for my first season back here to win a trophy straight away itll be great for the club and everyone here, and if we do that it’ll show great strength and show what the club is about.

What would you do if you wasn’t a footballer?

Probably be a soldier or a policeman or something like that, definately something like that sort of thing i maybe would also be under construction.

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