Bendtner To Stay Or Go?

As many know in the summer alot of players come and go, Nicklas Bendtner has impressed when he has got his chance this season at Arsenal after coming back from his loan spell at Birmingham City where he scored 11 goals in the Coca Cola Championship and 2 goals in cup competitions, 13 overall and was a big part in their promotion to the premiership.


Nicklas has been linked with many clubs including AC Milan, Birmingham, Chelsea, Lyon, and Real Madrid. In pre season he signed a mega 5 year deal to fend off any intrest from Europe’s elite so i think Wenger wouldnt have gave him such a long deal if he wasn’t in the long term plans, Bendtner has scored 7 goals this season and chipped in with quite alot of assists he has not started alot this season and made alot of substitute appearances.


Nicklas has stated lots of times that he is willing to fight for a place in the starting line up, but he has also said he wants more starts, it must of been hard for him coming from a then Championship side Birmingham starting every week and been the spearhead of their attack then coming back to Arsenal and been on the bench but he is at a massive club now and has loads of world class players around him so he knew he would have alot of competitiveness around him for the starting spot.


I hope he stays because he has a great future ahead of him , he is a very good player and has the chance to become a world class player and a legend if he stays he has scored crucial goals this season against arch rivals Tottenham, also a last minute equaliser against Aston Villa, and another equaliser against Liverpool, I sincerely hope he stays with us, So people what do you think will happen with Nicklas Bendtner this coming summer will he stay or go ?  Leave a comment below.


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  1. i hope he stays too. im a big fan of him and hope he gets more games.

    but if u look at the 1-1 premier league draw with liverpool, where Nicklas scored the equaliser, no one i mean no one actually came to celebrate with him. only Theo came over and gave him a pat on the shoulder. everyone and i meant everyone turned their back walking back to the halfway line for the restart. what happened to the usual celebration?!? it was a equaliser goal, not a consolation goal (yet). its apparent that the Nicklas is not exactly well-liked by the team.

    on a side note, as far as im concerned, the season is over and time to look forward to the new one.

  2. I would be gutted if Nicklas left, he is being forced out by fans looking for a scape goat, keep doing your thing Nicklas, you will be a star, lets just hope its for Arsenal.

  3. and btw excellent work Matthew 😀

  4. yh cheers for the comments Alvin & J, i really hope he stays his got the talent but just aint been given enough playing time, ive noticed a few ppl critisce him at the Emirates and pubs, but he will prove them wrong

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