Bendtner Likely To Stay

Arsene Wenger and Nicklas Bendtner have gave the biggest indication yet that Nicklas Bendtner himself will be here at Arsenal next season, 

Wenger said. 

“I feel as well some young players have made big progress and next year they will be better players,” he said.
“Players like Bendtner, who has already made progress from the start of the season. Next year you can consider him a real striker.”
Also Nicklas Bendtner has said in a recent interview with Arsenal TV Online that alot of people see him in the wrong way like as a target man, and that Arsenal fans will hopefully see more off him with the ball on the floor rather than in the air because Bendtner normally comes on for the last 20-10 minutes when we get desperate and start doing high long balls up to him, what he is trying to say is that he hopefully gets more minutes to show another side of his game that the fans havent seen.
I know Nicklas can play on the deck because his proved it in certain games i’ve seen him play when he was young in the reserves most of his goals was on the floor and at Birmingham City where he scored a few goals and in particular a great solo effort against Leeds which you can find in our Videos section and also clips from Reserves team action in 2006, so it looks like Nicklas is staying with us which is great news hopefully Wenger can turn into him into a World Class striker which he has got the potential to become.

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