Poland 1-1 Denmark Match Report


Denmark lined up like this in a 4-4-2 formation:
1. Sorensen, 5. Lars Jacobsen, 3. Anders Christensen, 4. Per Kroldrup, 19. Martin Vingaard, 17. Martin Retov, 2. Poulsen, 10. Martin Jorgesen, 9. Rommedahl, 22. Nordstrand, 11. Bendtner.

Poland lined up like this also in a 4-4-2 formation:
1. Boruc, 13. Wasilewski, 6. Jacek Bak, 2. Jop, 3. Wawrzyniak, 5. Dudka, 18. Lewandoski, 8. Krzynowek, 7. Smolarek, 21. Zahorski, 9. Zurawski.

                                                                    First Half 

The game started with caution both teams passing it around at the back, with the midfield packed out, both teams were struggling to get a hold of the ball and pass it around and get it up to their frontmen, Rommedahl then picked up the ball down the right and crossed it in but it was a bit ahead of Bendtner, Denmark were starting to pass the ball around and Rommedahl and Bendtner were linking up well, minutes later Dudka of Poland picked the ball up deep inside Denmark’s half he dribbled into the box and there looked to be an oppurtunity for a shot but he chose to cross it and it went out for a goal kick to the Dane’s.


In the 27th minute the goal came and it was for the visitors Rommedahl and Bendtner again exchanging passes, Rommedahl found Bendtner wonderfully, Bendtner shot it was parried by Artur Boruc only though to the back post where Martin Vingaard was waiting to tap it in 0-1 to Denmark, After the goal the game livened up and Denmark started to take control, Bendtner inside Polands half beat two men and spreaded the ball out to the left to Martin Jorgensen he whipped in a cross it evaded everyone and eventually landed to Rommedahl at the back post, who from an acute angle then had he’s shot blocked.


Smolarek, Poland’s most dangerous player in this match had the ball on the right wing he jinked in and out superbly, and somehow got himself into the box the defender brought him down and it was a penalty to the home side, Zurawski would step up from the spot but it was saved by Sorensen, it was a poor penalty and Sorensen had to almost wait for the ball to arrive to him, But minutes later number 8 Krzynowek found the ball in the Danish area and fired it in it was 1-1 it was totally unexpected and out of the blue but Poland had grabbed an equaliser.  


                                                                 Half Time

Both teams made changes at the interval, Denmark brought on 12. Martin Rasmussen, and 16. Jesper Christiansen coming on for 10. Martin Jorgensen and 22. Nordstrand, Poland brought on 17. Lobodzinski, 20. Guerreiro Roger and 4. Golanski, The second half had a different start to the first half it was lively, Poland started the second half strongest and was dominating possesion they had a couple of long shots but was not really getting the ball near Sorensen’s goal. In the 65th minute the ball was ahead of him and he was through on goal but the ball ran away from him and Boruc came out of he’s area and headed it away, then in the 66th minute Bendtner had a chance but Artur Boruc made a good save rushing out to smother the ball just as Bendtner was about to pull the trigger, into the final 20 minutes now and it was still 1-1.


Poland was starting to dominate proceedings and were taking the game to Denmark. In the 89th minute our featured player Nicklas Bendtner was brought off, he had played a ful 90 minutes in the previous game against Holland, and looked a bit tired, it had finished 1-1 the final score.

                                                                  Full Time


My views on Bendtner:
Bendtner had a decent game, it was very hard for the Danish sides attacking players because Denmark spent most of the game on the backfoot, Bendtner in the first half looked lively and was linking up very well with Rommedahl, in the second half he looked abit tired dont forget he played 90 minutes just 2 days ago, overall he had a quite decent game.



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  1. Quality report and graphic.

    Didn’t watch the game but it sounds like all of Denmark’s best chances went through Bendtner which is a sign that he’s improving all the time.

    Keep up the good work.. 😉

  2. thanks for that Gooner Chris, Denmark was on the backfoot for alot of this game so it was hard for players like Bendtner, M. Jorgensen, Rommedahl, but yh Bendtner looked Denmark’s most dangerous player alongside Rommedahl.

  3. dear, are you dane? could you tell what larsson said in this new?

  4. i’ll look into it now cc, i’m not danish but i’ll try find a translator

  5. Im a dane? my i could try??
    well my english isn’t totally perfect 😉

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