Transfer Rumour: Liverpool Intrested In Bendtner ?

TV 2 Sporten have spoken on how Liverpool are intrested in our Danish starlet Nicklas Bendtner, They have said with Peter Crouch likely to leave Liverpool, They are looking to bring Bendtner in as a replacement.


quotes translated from

When Peter Crouch in all likelihood leave Liverpool during the summer, they may be a young Dane, which should help to strengthen the club’s front chain.

Nicklas Bendtner in connection with a possible move from Arsenal to Liverpool.

Despite Bendtners changing success for Arsenal last season, Arsene Wenger, however, faith in the young attacker. Therefore, also appears unlikely that Arsenal will sell Nicklas Bendtner to as much as a rival Liverpool.

Personally i think this rumour is not true after Bendtner’s father recently saying that Nicklas is happy at Arsenal and with Arsene Wenger also saying he expects big things from Bendtner, so fellow Gooners there is most likely nothing to worry about hopefully.




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  1. Hopefully Bendtner is going nowhere !!

  2. yh i think it is just a rumour.

  3. yeah I think this rumor is true but even if they do want him, that doesn’t mean he wants to go. Liverpool? their not worthy of the “Killer Dane” haha. I’m sure Wenger won’t sell him, he was talking so highly about him just a few weeks ago.

  4. lol ” killer dane “, we definately will not sell him if an offer comes in because wenger rates him highly

  5. Wenger is not going to sell Bendtner, he does rate him too highly. The lad is only 20 and he’s going to get better and better.
    A lot of people at Arsenal slag off Bendtner which is harsh, as he scores some very, very important goals for us.

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