Bendtner On Pre-Season Form

Our Dane striker Nicklas Bendtner has recently commented on his pre-season form and has talked challenging for a starting spot at the Emirates Stadium.

He has said . . .

I myself think that things have gone well, I have certainly been pleased with my efforts. I have had some playing time, got a grip on my form and also scored some goals. But it was also what I expected. In the start-up is to regain its form, but also to show that it is ready for a starting place.
And at this point, I think that I am well in the competition. We have only played three matches, so it is perhaps difficult to assess exactly where I stand. But immediately, I believe that I have developed me much compared to last season, and it must show results in terms of goals and good game, “said Bendtner
It is quite clear that I must play more than I did last year, it is no doubt about that. But I am also sure that I will get a lot of evidence this season. I feel I am ready, I feel good and I am looking forward to demonstrate to everyone what it is I can do, he says.
Nicklas seems very eager to show his talents for the new season and will look to take his recent fine form into Arsenal’s second Premiership game tomorrow evening against Fulham at Craven Cottage.
Translated Quotes from
Article by Matthew789

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