Bendtner Looking On The Brightside


In recent weeks, Danish striker, Nicklas Bendtner has wore the new Mercurial Vapor Rosa Pink boots. The Rosa boots caused much controversy up and down the country. Bendtner was the first to wear the Rosa’s in the Premiership, but now has switched boots to Mercurial Vapor SL Citron’s which are a Greeny-Yellow type colour which he first wore on matchday 6 of the Uefa Champions League Tie with FC Porto.


The Mercurial Vapor SL Citron’s are also worn buy other stars in the Premiership such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexandro Pato, Gabriel Agbonlahor and Eduardo Da Silva. What do you think of Bendtner’s unique colourful style and would you wear these boots yourself ?.If you do take a shine to them these boots will be available at Niketown London in the near future. so, why don’t you go grab a pair for a early christmas present for a sporting member in your family!


Article by Matthew789


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  1. Mercurial Vapor Rosa Pink boots is better and best than Mercurial Vapor SL Citron boots .
    view my blog
    its an evedence how much I love Nicklas bendtner 🙂

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