Bendtner Voted Amongst Best Wonderkids



Nicklas Bendtner has finished in a respectable 11th position in the Golden Boy award list presented by Italian Tuttosport. The “Golden Boy” award represents the best players in the world for U-21 level. Nicklas, who had 15 votes. came before the likes of Gareth Bale, Micah Richards and Giovani Dos Santos.

Manchester United’s Dynamic midfielder Anderson, won the award with 129 points. Our very own Theo Walcott came 2nd in the list, with 126 points. Fellow Arsenal players Carlos Vela and Aaron Ramsey were also shortlisted in the voting. Vela finished with 3 points and Aaron Ramsey who is 1 of the youngest player’s in the nominee’s did not pick up a vote.


Article by Matthew789


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  1. the most ridiculous award in footballing history.

  2. Hey! I am sure he can prove himself that he’ deserved to get the award, but we have to trust him, c’mon arsenal fans. just back up the kid!

  3. anderson? how in the world did he win lol
    I agree with Jenny, let’s get behind Nicky and cheer him on.

  4. Yeah honestly I think a lot of the sutff Bendtner goes through is completely unfair.

    Christ we all have our rough patches, give him a break. Adebayor wasn’t as good as Bendtner was at age 20.

    Arsenal are the most fickle wankers in the world most of the time, just look at how they treated Eboue. Shameful.

  5. I completely agree with Jay! Hey! Arsenal fans pay money to boo our players!!!

  6. he is cack. i say this as a gooner. he is destined for wigan. eff off bedtner- you are gay

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