Bendtner Issues Warning



Nicklas Bendtner has given Arsene Wenger a problem ahead of the busy Christmas and New Years schedule. Bendtner, 20, has warned Wenger to use him more in games or he will consider leaving.

he said . . .

It is quite clear that my priority is to play football.

I know what I want. If it doesn’t happen at Arsenal, I will move away from the club.

I want to spend the whole remainder of my career playing, wherever I am — I want to play solid.

He continued by saying. . .


I am not even across all the rumours because I am an Arsenal player and appreciate the club very much.

I hope I can be here for a long time yet. For me, Arsenal are a dream club.


Personally, i hope very much that Nicklas can stay here. Alot of fans get on his back which he doesn’t deserve, he has 5 goals this season and for thrid choice striker that is a decent record.

 He has also has setup crucial goals such as ( for Adebayor earlier on in the season at Upton park ). I hope Nicklas stays because his best years are ahead of him and is developing well at Arsenal.

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  1. bendtner dont leaveeeeee arsenalllllllllllllllllllllll ):
    I love youuuu (:

  2. I hope he stays at Arsenal, and shows good performance.

  3. i think is a bad attitude because he is worse that adebayor , eduardo or vela!

  4. it’s not a bad attitude, but it’s just self-confidence. Nicklas just speaks his mind.

  5. @Jenny

    maybe u are wrong because too many self-confidence can destroy a player and even a team( a match with a small team) . he can stay on the bench and he will get his chance. for a youngster it is important to speak a lot with the coach and then the manager will understand his desire. it is not good to tell the press what you want because it can be like a boomerang!

  6. You must leave Arsenal man…go to Singapore League!

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