Manchester City Deadline Day Attempt For NB Rejected

Whilst all the hype was flying around whether or not Russian Maestro Andrei Arshavin would be joining Arsenal or not.
A certain Welshman in Manchester had his eyes on one of Arsenal’s player’s – Nicklas Bendtner. Manchester City failed in their bid to bring in Roque Santa Cruz, so then turned their attention to our very own Dane.

The bid was fortunately rejected and Bendtner will carry on in the Red and White at Arsenal. It was said the reason why Arsenal did not let Nicklas go, is because the board did not know whether the deal for Arshavin would push through.

Personally i’m very happy Nicklas is staying, he’s been a very useful addition to the team this year with helping out on the right and chipping in with crucial late goals. His tally is now at 8 and will definately look to get into double figures now.


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  1. Thank god ! he stay at Arsenal:)

  2. Hi that would have been brilliant if nick went on loan to play week week out football in the premier league. And next season he would replace Adebayor. But anyway i am happy hes stayin i really do think he has improved he just needs a run of games

  3. Bendtner is not that stupid to end his contract with Arsenal right now (:

  4. Great article Matt!!!

    Best I’ve read here!

  5. I’ll be honest, I’m mainly an Arsenal supporter because I’m Danish and want to see Nik and his team doing well, but I think going to Man City would have been the best for him.

    He’d definitely go to play more and get the experience he needs and not have to put up with getting shit from a shit striker like Adebayor.

    Oh well, I hope he gets into the double digits this season but it’s hard if he doesn’t get to start some more.

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