Bendtner Upset And Annoyed As English Media Lies

Nicklas Bendtner has again been a victim to the lying English press. Earlier on this year, in January the English press had lied about rumours that Bendtner told Fabrice Muamba the Arsenal starting XI before the game. These rumours were then put to bed the following day by Bendtner & his father.

Again, now in February English press have taken Bendtner’s interview with a Danish magazine and twisted his words. Bendtner has spoken earlier today in the light of those reports.

he said  . . .

I’ve never said anything like what they put in the newspapers,” he told the Arsenal magazine. “And it makes me upset because it comes across really bad.

None of it was said like that. Basically I did a long interview for the Danish press recently, they asked me a lot of questions and the press over here have taken my answers and twisted them out of proportion.

I was happy with the article in the Danish magazine and if you saw it you would realise that what was reported over here was not true.

There is nothing you can do about it when they change what has been said and it’s annoying because it makes people think ‘what is he playing at?

It is a shame people would want to do this because these sort of rumours can cause alot of unrest in team dressing rooms. It seems to me the English media have something in for the Dane, ever since he started wearing the Pink boots they have never stopped about him and his so called “cocky attitude” which is way off the mark.

A great performance from our young Dane last night grabbing a goal, and an assist!!. Also, big shout out to Eduardo for the brace on his comeback well done Eddy.

Article by Matthew 789


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  1. Don’t worry Nick, we are used to the anti-Arsenal press making up and twisting stories. Most gooners I know don’t bother reading the rubbish the press write, we wait for the official news on the Arsenal website.
    We were at the match last night and thought you played really well. You worked so hard for the team and it was great to see such an exciting team performance. Obviously it was Eduardo’s night, fantastic to see him back playing so well and scoring again. Also good to see the excellent Carlos Vela.

  2. English media is suck. Nicklas is not the first victim:( What did the English media say about Nicklas? You know?

  3. They translated an interview from BT – it took them almost a week by the way – and tried to make him look bad by taking out out bits and putting a negative slant on absolutely everything he said.

  4. Oh man I am so tired of the British tabloids, but they’re well known for reporting nothing but lies and untruths.

    Only educated plebs and chavs read the likes of The Daily Mirror and whatnot.

    Oh and Jenny, the tabloids said that Bendtner had said that Arshavin meant nothing to him because he didn’t watch the Euro 2008 and that Bendtner was the best player in Arsenal and should be in the starting XI every single match and play every minute of the 90 minutes.

    They just made him come across as incredibly arrogant with crazy delusions of grandeur.

  5. THanks Jay! British tabloids is a big liar. They make people think that NIcklas is arrogant, but the fact he isn’t. The medias have bias against him, what a shame!

  6. Regardless of whether Bendtner actually said what the English press has reported that he said, the fact is that Bendtner can’t score. He has squandered far too many chances and does not deserve to be in the starting XI. He lacks the quality to be a top class player, which is what all Arsenal players are expected to be.

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