Wenger backs Bendtner to shine


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has backed under-fire striker Nicklas Bendtner to shine and praised the youngster for showing more of his power and pace this season.

The Danish frontman – who has bagged 11 goals this campaign – played out a decent game against Blackburn yesterday and put through Theo Walcott who went on to set-up the first goal for Andrey Arshavin.

Despite that, Bendtner spurned several opportunities to make it 2-0 during the second half. Frustrated Gooners appeared angry at the apparent poor finishing, but Arsene Wenger remains adamant that Bendtner will make it big.

“I am pleased with his overall contribution. He didn’t finish well but he played well. I think after he missed the first chance he took too long on the second one.

“Then it becomes a problem for you. What is most important is that he creates the chances because once he scores one he will score three or four. He is always in the situation and his first touch was much better today and his movement was good. The rest will come along.

“He likes to play as the lead striker and he has power and pace. He understands the game and he’s only 20 years old, people forget that. I think it completely wrong to boo him. The fans clapped him when he moved off the pitch. They were not happy when he missed the
chance but overall I feel the fans are behind him.”

Bendtner could start again on Tuesday night as Arsenal take on Hull City in the delayed FA Cup quarter final at Emirates Stadium.

Check Nicklas Bendtner News for the latest updates on the Gunners’ Danish starlet.


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  1. I’ve never seen someone get so many chances in one half and he missed every one of them. Arshavin must have been so frustrated. The first miss – the open goal was the worst. I don’t care what age he is he should be taking that chance. Its not the first game he has missed an easy chance – Cardiff and Roma first leg he missed what were practically open goals. He needs to spend all day every day practicing his finishing because right now it is woeful. There is also another one yesterday where all he had to do was roll it to walcott for a certain goal but he rolled it backwards straight to a blackburn player. He is so frustrating to watch. People talk about his age – but Carlos Vela is younger and his finishing is much better – see Sheffield United, Wigan Burnley in the cup. He should show Bendtner how to do it.

  2. you can say that but name those teams vela has played against and done that against they are all lower leagur apart from wigan and when vela has started he has not done much, bendter has scored many crucial goals 4 us, and come of the bench and made an impact, he has 11 for the season but he should have WAY more. i do agree he can be fustrating to watch at times,he is young he has 2 learn but he will not be given a long time 2 learn at arsenal, so he should buck his ideas up fast.

  3. Paul, I can agree with you somewhat. Missing chances dosn’t have that much to do with age. And yes Vela is a better finisher, he reminds me much of Eduardo in that respect. But Bendtner is much better than Vela in the overall play. Rarely does Vela make a difference when he comes from the bench like Bendtner can do. Both players have their weaknesses atm but I don’t want to see either of them go cause they will both improve and could become great players for the club.

    Thought Nick had a good “1st season” and is having a bit more of a rough 2nd season. I just feel that once he gets a few goals and eases up the pressure on him he will score plenty more. Cause the fact is, he is creating a lot of chances and makes good runs and quick good passing moves to set up others. Yep he should/could have had many more goals this season, I agree…but I simply feel it’s the pressure that makes him miss right now…once that pressure wears of he will be far more relaxed in those situations.

  4. Bendtner has had some bad games its true. At 20 years old, every player does. If he wasnt getting into scoring positions so often, then his finishing wouldnt be under the spotlight as much. So, i am saying that he has a lot of talent, has movement, pace and power, and in my view is improving all the time. Thierry Henry needed a lot of time to become a world class striker, and he certainly wasnt one at 20 years old! Bendter is a class player, and will prove it 🙂

  5. Nick outplayed ADE and RVP in playing the frontman role!

    ADE would never have missed those chances as he would never have them. He liked to play as BK10 and rarely made penetration long before he was INJURED.

    If Robin played and played liked in the Roma game, it is anticipated that the fluidity of this game would have gone. RVP needed several kicks on the ball before he could make a single turn or a single pass recently and he fell too easily to give his ball away.

    We can see the difference and surely did AW. If NICK & Carlo continues to play with their feet firmly on the ground and putting their hearts on the team, maybe it is high time that AW considered letting go at least one of these two ‘senior’ players.

  6. daniel i think you are spot on. a lot of gooners are saying bendtners rubbish, that is not the case he has helped us get soo many points last season and this season, he just needs 2 be more clinical in front of goal as soon as he devops that he will be a arsenal favourite, i just hope that he does not leave and another team get his talent becasue he is a big talent, he is recognised as a big prospect in europe and im sure he will develop 2 be a good striker 4 us

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