Captain In Support For Bendtner


Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas, has come to support of Nicklas Bendtner. The striker got some harsh critiscm from various media sections last weekend for some of the chances he missed but overall had a good game and played a part in the first goal, turning away from Christopher Samba before putting through Theo Walcott to cross.

Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas has said on the matter . . .

Nicklas Bendtner had an outstanding game, but sometimes for a striker the ball just won’t go in – it happens to everyone. He had three or four chances that he might have scored on a normal day – he may not have done but, especially in the first half, he was at the heart of everything.

Cesc then commented on the fans reaction to the substitute . . .

There has been some talk about what people said when he came off, although it really sounded to me as if our supporters were trying to encourage him and say ‘well done, good job’. Maybe some people who are not Arsenal fans have tried to disturb things a little bit, but i think everybody appreciated his work because they understood that he had a very good game.

Captain’s notes from Arsenal Official matchday programme

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    Nicklas Bendtner MOTM against Newcastle!

  2. bendtner played very well yesterday, so did rvp, but rvp missed three good chances but he created 2, but if bendtner had missed them evryone would have been on his back, bendtner put rvp through twice, but i must say i th9nk they both played well as they always do together

  3. yeah ! Nicklas played well and that’s awesome.
    Cesc was exactly right I think:)

  4. Apparently Cesc and nicklas bendtner are best mates.

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