Bendtner On His Season and Iniesta

Interviewer: Let’s look at your season as a whole. You’ve scored 15 goals in all competitions, and you are the top scorer aged 21 or under in the Premier League. Pretty encouraging . . .

Bendtner: I didn’t know that, but its quite a good stat! Did you know that i’m also our top scorer in this calendar year? Obviously that’s nice – Ade, Robin and i are all quite close to each other in the charts so we’ll see if i can get a hat-trick against Stoke and finish right up there! I think i’ve progressed all season.

You know, I’ve never tried to hide the fact that i had two months in the Autumn where, in my opinion, i played like a Sunday League player. I tried to work hard and do all the right stuff but it just didn’t seem to go for me.

But then all of a sudden there came a turning point and since then i’ve got stronger and stronger -overall i feel quite proud of the way the season has gone personally, but on the other hand there are things i look at and think ” you could have done better ” as well. But i only see that as a positive because it means i can improve for next season.

Interviewer: Who’s been your player of 2008/09 – anywhere in the world?

Bendtner: Andres Iniesta at Barcelona, without a doubt. Every tie I’ve seen Barcelona his technique, movement and passing have struck me – you can’t take that away from him. And this season he’s produced a lot of assists and important goals. You don’t always hear his name ahead of some others, but people who know football can acknowledge what he does for the game.

Article by Matthew789


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  1. Очень хороший пост! Спасибо за проделанную работу!

  2. I think Bendtner will, without a doubt, be a leading striker for us in a few years. He’s shown it in the latter stages of the season, especially against Chelsea.

    I will admit and say I had my doubts about him, but the turning point he talked about in the article made me think otherwise.

    I hope he shows a lot of his doubters the potential he and everyone else knows he posesses.

  3. Yeah! Personally, Nicklas has improved markedly this season,and he will be better for the next season:)

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