Bendtner On Press Pic

As many Nicklas Bendtner fans saw earlier on in the season. Nicklas was pictured leaving a nightclub late at night with his jeans down. Many Arsenal and football fans got the wrong perspective of Nicklas and started to get the wrong ideas, he has spoken about the incident since.

Bendtner went on to say . . .

I am sorry that people have the wrong impression of me,  he told BT.That photo did not represent the reality. I was just caught in a trap set by the photographers.

The trap worked very well.

Of course I don’t run around with my trousers down – why would I do that?

There was just one who pulled my pants down as I stepped out into the street, and then there were 10 to 15 photographers just standing there waiting to take the picture, as if they were awaiting the situation.

There was clearly something agreed beforehand.

Generally speaking, I don’t mind too much if the press writes lies about me, and I usually just laugh when they, for example, make fun of my pink boots or whatever, but this crossed the line.

Bendtner clearly thought they stepped out of line with this action, which they clearly did. So what are your hopes for Arsenal and Bendtner next season? … 15 goals for a 21 year old is a great ratio so he can build on that, tell me your opinions here at NB News

Article by Matthew789


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  1. Well that’s ashame but I wasn’t complaining about the pictures because they were actually nice looking at least but still that a shame. I think Arsenal and Nicklas will do good next season. I think next season will be Nikki’s breakout season. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I think nicklas will be a top scorer for us, and he will improve his possession:)

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