Debate: What Is Bendtner’s Best Position?

bendtner ucl quals

In recent months, Arsenal fans would have seen Nicklas Bendtner deployed in many different positions. Left Wing, Right Wing, Lone Striker and Second Striker but the debate today is where do you think Nicklas is used to his full capability?.

Left Wing:

Many of use may of seen Nicklas Bendtner play out on the left wing rarely for Arsenal and Denmark. The plus points for Nicklas in this position is his direct dribbling and cutting in onto his right foot. Also, being able to out leap most smaller full backs coming in at the back post for a header.

Right Wing:

Many Gooners will have seen Arsenal’s new 4-3-3 formation, similar to a one used in Spain by Barcelona. Nicklas is used out on the Right Wing Forward position and he has been very effective in this position, from wonderful ball control and trickery (An example when he turned Leighton Baines inside out for the first goal at Goodison Park.) To winning flick ons directly from Manuel Almunia’s goal kicks.

Lone Striker:

Nicklas is equally ready to play in this position too, seeing him on many occasions playing this role. His plus points are being strong, good in the air, good link-up play and can bring others into the game. He has also upped his work rate when he has played this role.

Second Striker:

Arsenal and Denmark fans will be with this position. Bendtner usually plays in this position usually partenered by Robin Van Persie or John Dal Tommason with Arsenal and Denmark respectively. Nicklas’s plus points in this role are linking up well with the fellow striker either by winning flick ons or setting up goals with nice passes through the heart of defences. We’ve seen Bendtner and Vela link up magnificently in the Carling Cup with the “big man, little man ” combination.

So it’s now down to you to decide, Arsenal and Denmark fans that see Nicklas play regulary, Where do you think he is at his best ? Let me know in the comments section.

Article by Matthew789


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  1. for me… it does not matter where bendtner plays… as long as he is on the pitch.. we will win the game.. No more Adebayor.. Here comes Bendtner!!! I am looking for ward to the portsmouth game tomorrow… hopefully we would be able to score at least 3 goals. RvP and Bendtner had better start scoring to keep their morale high and steady ahead of next wed’s game against celtic and next weekend’s game against man utd. We need Arshavin, RvP and Bendtner to be on fire.

    If we can play as well as we did against everton, I believe we would out play portsmouth especially since its at the Emirates stadium. We need all the confidence we have against man utd. We need to dealt them a huge blow by winning against them. Then we visit manchester city where we would have our revenge over the money grabbers adebayor and kolo toure!!!

    These 2 weeks are important for arsenal. Whether we are genuine title contenders or run ins.. would be determined after the man city game.

  2. I like him on the wings, but I think that he should switch roles with RVP.

  3. 4 me i prefer right wing period!

  4. best position playing with the reserves in the carling cup

  5. at the moment um caught between Right wing and second striker ,i have to admit when he played with either Eduardo or Carlos Vela he has looked good linking up midfield and striker thats why i dont really see him coping well wiv being a Lone striker.A far as Left wing,well Nik likes to dribble and go past people but u have to say he aint the best at puttin his laces thru the ball when an oportunity comes thats why i feel on the left wing there are pple ahead of him in a pecking order because they can do that pple like Arshavin,Nasri and Rosicky
    So for now wiv this formation we have discovered i will go for right wing because in that position as far as receivin balls from Almunia i dont see Walcott doin any better

  6. it doesn’t matter to me as long as we win, he seems to be doing really good in the wide position right now.

  7. James Arsenal 4 Life

    I like bendtner plays good wide he has alot of stick recently but i think he is a talent

  8. r u all on crack. bendtner has no dribbling or trickery. just play him upfront, all he is good for is holding up play and passing to someone with better shooting boots.

    However,i will not rule out him getting better!

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