Nicklas Bendtner Scores A Thunderbolt *Video*

Nicklas Bendtner helped Denmark secure a draw in the World Cup 2010 qualifier for South Africa. After the goal Denmark were pegged back alot in their own half and were forcing the Portuguese to long shots. Suddenly with minutes to go Portugal equalized, Ronaldo whipped a corner in and Liedson met it with his head to score the equalizer.

On the whole face of the game Denmark could be happy with this result, but due to conceding a equalizer so late on is also dissapointing. The video of Bendtner’s goal can be seen here . . .

let me know what you think Bendtner and Denmark fans!!

Article by Matthew789

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  1. 1st. lol but anyway very good striker if ibrahimovic scored it people would be like WOW.

  2. forget Ibrahimovic he makes me sick lol but you are telling the truth. If he score that goal people would be talking forever about it. That’s okay one day Nikki will be that I guy. I really believe in him and it was a world class goal for sure.

  3. Look guys i am a massive fan of Bendtner ever since i saw him play for the reserves at 16,17 at underhill. He was breath taking and brilliant to watch. He was tall, strong, fast and just dribbled past players for fun and setting up alot of goals as well as scoring. Hes got exceptional vision as well for a big man.

    He just needs to adapt to the premiership last season i think alot of people have judged him last season and thats wrong cause hes only 20/21 younger players develop very quickly

    LLook at villa, berbatov and drogba at 21 they were playin second division football its only now thye have started to become good at the ages of 26,27,28

  4. Hi guys, yeh it is true, if that was Ibrahimovic they would not stop going on about it but i’m sure when Nicklas works hes way up the footballing ladder in a few years strikes like this will be acknowleged more. John, i agree mate i also watched Nicklas in his reserves days he was phenomenal had pace trickery, vision. We’ve seen this sort of stuff from Bendtner in the first team in parts but when you’re younger and your in the reserves they are playing with more freedom so u can try stuff u wouldn’t in the premier league.

  5. What a great goal against Portugal:0) I have no doubt he will be the bigh player sometime:)

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