Bendtner Ignores Doubters

Nicklas Bendtner believes nothing will stop him from becoming one of the best strikers in the world. In this interview Nicklas talks about his ambitions in the future, and how it is important to be confident within yourself. Many people forget Nicklas Bendtner is only 21, not many 21 year olds have achieved what this young man has done.

Bendtner said . . .

Within five years I want to be the top scorer in the Premier League and I want to be known as a world-class striker. And it will happen. Trust me, it will happen. I look around at other players, I see my own ability and I can’t see anything that tells me it won’t happen. I’m sure people will think ‘What is he talking about?’ But as I have done before, and as I will do again, I will sit at the other end and laugh at those people when it is all done.


Nicklas then went on to talk about the infamous pink boots and how the media over reacted to him wearing these colour boots. He said . . .

People made a big fuss because it is meant to be a girl’s colour. They were outraged because they said it shouldn’t appear in sport. Well, we are all different. I have my own opinion about what is a man and what is not a man. Yes, every young girl wants pink clothes but sometimes you’ve got to bring something different to the table.

The interviewer then asked Bendtner do you ever have self doubt. Bendtner said . . .

Not at all. There has never been any doubt in my mind about anything to do with me. You can ask the coaches when I was 16, and even the other [youth team] players. I knew back then, and I would say it openly, that I would go on to play for the first team. And they would go, ‘Huh, what makes you think it’s going to be you?’ But I always said I would make it and I had no problem telling other people about it.”You need confidence and I have always had it. I have started this season better than I have started any other season but I know there is a lot more to come and I know the people here know that as well. So I’m quite comfortable about how things are going to progress.


Article by Matthew789


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