Bendtner To Go Under The Knife

Nicklas Bendtner is set to go under the knife back in Denmark this Wednesday, following problems with his thigh in recent weeks he has decided its time for surgery. Nicklas first picked up the injury in a International World Cup qualifier for Denmark against Hungary. Arsenal played him against Spurs and the injury re-occured unfortunately NB news cannot reveal exactly when Nicklas will be back playing but it is likely to be in 4-5 weeks.

Nicklas commented on the matter saying . . .

I will have an examination on Tuesday and then go on to have surgery on Wednesday.


Article by Matthew789


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  1. Nicklas is player of the year 2009 of Denmark:) Congrats:)

  2. Thank God he is injured.
    Now we have a chance of doing something this year.
    I think he is pafetic.
    He’s played how many games? Loads. and how often does he score? rarely. and how many assists? None.
    And how many times does he give the ball away?
    and miss the target?

    There are so many people defending him, and saying he has improved bla bla. MY ASSSS.

    Yes, maybe he has improved a touch. But he will never ever be The real Arsenal quality, and he will always be the same old Bendyboy.
    So i am delighted he is injured

  3. Zeki, i think you need to think before you speak. You sound like a typical hater. I’m sure you was happy when Bendtner started the fightback in Liege. Infact he scored 15 goals last season, more than any guy hes age in the Premier League and has just won Danish player of the year 2009 all at the age of 21, think before you speak!

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