Bendtner Silences Critics With Superb Hattrick

Arsenal sweeped aside Portuguese giants Porto aside as our featured player Nicklas Bendtner, 22, scored his first senior hatrick in competitive football (scored 4 in a pre-season friendly last summer). It was a superb way to react to some uncalled for overexagguerated critiscm to the young Dane for some misses he made on Saturday.

Bendtner scored his first on the ten minute mark sliding in from close range to put Arsenal 1-0 up on the night, if the score where to stay like that Arsenal would qualify but they was not finished their and nor was Nicklas Bendtner.

He would score his second of the night, after great work from Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin, Bendtner was there to tap in the rebound it was great striking instincts from Nicklas after much critiscm in the media about his abilities but he was again proving them wrong!

Arsenal then went on to go 4-0 up with a magnificent solo goal from Frenchman Samir Nasri, and then Eboue with a neat finish after rounding the keeper.

In the last minute Eboue went on a surging run, winning a penalty, with Bendtner on a hattrick it would be wrong not to give him the chance Eboue did and he stepped up confidently and slotted it low to the left hand corner to complete a wonderful hattrick it shows 3 days in football can be a long time, and to all the media sections that doubted the Dane, guess what? you was wrong.

Article by Matthew Collins

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  1. It was fantastic game but I don’t think two tap ins and a penalty makes anyone a great striker or stop the media or crowd critiscm. In my humble opinion I think NB played a lot better against Burnley, staying in the middle and being a target for the playmakers. He got into the right places so when the crosses or ball over the top came in he could run onto it but his finishing on the day was just shocking. In the Porto game, Bendtner played well in the first half but went back to his old style in the second half  of wondering around causing lack of presence in the box and not enough pressure on the central defenders. He needs to understand that he is more a poacher rather than a play maker striker so need to stay in the middle to give the players a target.    One more thing, is Bendtner muturing!, he gave a sensible interview of forgetting about this game and moving onto the next…… let’s see if he can. Scoring is what will get the critics on your side so keep scoring Bendtner and maybe we can walk away with something this season. 

  2. nice shirt 🙂 can i have it matty boi?

  3. Super sick, I hope you ain’t wearing it about

  4. Good hattrick but he must be more regular on his performances !

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