Bendtner: Messi Is Best In The World

Nicklas Bendtner has spoken high volumes for Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, The Argentine has been in phenomenal form this season scoring 34 goals and made 10 goals.Nicklas goes on to say he strongly believes Arsenal have a chance of the win against the mighty Barcelona with the advantage of the pace of the English game.

Nicklas Says . . .

For me Messi is the world’s best player right now,”

“Messi has a fantastic eye for the game, and technically he is quite misleading – the things he does is not easy – and so his pace. The key for me is not even that he scores so many goals at the moment, for it is as wildly beautiful, but he can so much and it is his overall qualities that count. There he is just the greatest.

That counts for our benefit that we play in a different way than he is accustomed to in Spain. He will probably not quite as much room to dribble, and the pace of play is faster in England. It is an entirely different struggle on Messi and Barcelona in general than they are accustomed to, so although they may be small favorite against us, I would still expect it to be quite balanced.

Article by Matthew Collins


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