Kahlenberg – Fingers Crossed Bendtner Will Be 100% For Holland Match

Many teams have a player who is very important to the way the whole team play. No player is bigger than the club/country you hear alot from coaches/managers in World football of today which is true, but there are players who come very close, Nicklas Bendtner is in that catergory when it comes to the Danish National team.

Thomas Kahlenberg has spoke on how important Bendtner is to Denmarks chances and also stated that he hopes he will be ready for the opener with The Netherlands.

Kahlenberg said . . .

There is no doubt that he is a very important player for us and for the way we want to play football.

I’m crossing fingers that he must reach to come back, we all hope that Bendtner will be ready for the Holland match.

From what i’ve heard he is on the right track, the most important thing is he is 100% ready or at least make the closest to maximum as possible.

Article by Matthew789


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  1. Let’s hope he’ll be ok.

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