Bendtner: I’ll Be Ready For Holland Game

Nicklas Bendtner has declared to the Danish media that he should be ready for the World Cup showdown with Holland on June 14th.

He said . . .

I should be ready within a week because of my progress, and we will play against Holland on Monday eight days, so there is plenty of time. I think I train with the others down in base camp. Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

As I have it now, should I be ready. I can do almost anything, and I tried some shots the other day. It did not go so well because it was too early, but I can easily make a deposit and it All I lack is to shoot 100 percent through

Yes, it is a long time since I’ve played, but I’m not at all as a problem. We have worked incredibly hard over there. It’s very intense work, where I constantly have to do everything possible so I was well aware that I am one of those in the best shape

In other news, Denmark went down to a sharp battling South Africa side. Bendtner, Kjaer and Sorensen was missing. In a drab match, Mpelha scored in the 75th minute to send the hosts fans into raptures. Denmarks form in the friendlies have been a bit off key but people must not forget they are only match practice aswell as the Danes are missing big players.

Article by Matthew Collins


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