Bendtner Expects To Play The 90 Mins Against Cameroon + A-Song praises Bendtner Pre Crunch Game

Nicklas Bendtner has declared the circumstances were not ideal on Monday afternoon starting the game Vs Holland, but got an hour out of it. Nicklas has gone on to say the groin hasn’t been in much pain as before and he is feeling better and better each day, he expects to complete the full 90 to help Denmark get maximum points against African outfit Cameroon.

Bendtner said . . .

I’m fine and can play 90 minutes. It’s raining, i intended to have a opportunity. It has gone better than i expected after the match against Holland.

Alex Song ( Bendtner’s team-mate at Arsenal), will face Bendtner when Cameroon and Denmark meet on Saturday evening in what could decide both teams fate in the tournament. Song has gone on to say Cameroon must keep Bendtner quiet if they have any chance of getting the points against the Dane’s.

A-Song said . . .

I have warned my teammates and coach on Nick. He is a really strong attacker – phsically good, powerful and makes a difference to Arsenal’s attacking options. He has an amazing spirit and will never give up. When he returned to us after his injury during the winter, it was incredibily important for the team to be with Nick again and he is always a major threat.

In other news, as many of you guys probably know, Nicklas has launched an official website to help Danish children with Cancer. In a bid to try and help these unfortunate kids and families Nicklas and agent Thomas Bendtner has decided to raise money by selling wristbands exclusively from It is a great cause, so i recommend you take a look here . . .

Article By Matthew Collins


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