Bendtner Set To Be Arsenal’s New Number 9

Rumours have circulated today that Eduardo Da Silva is on the verge of a move to Shaktar Donetsk, for 6 million pounds. Eduardo joined the Gunners in 2008, with an impressive goal tally in his native Croatia with Dinamo Zagreb, the turning point in his Arsenal career looks to be when he unfortunately broke his leg on a sad day at St Andrew’s.

Nicklas Bendtner has stated in the past that he would one day love to don the number 9 shirt at Arsenal, he previously asked Eduardo if he could wer the #9 but Gael Clichy was not willing to change from the number 22 which Eduardo wanted. Bendtner is currently nursing a groin problem and was not included in the pre-season trip to Austria as he has just had treatment, he will hopefully be back for the Emirates Cup.

Article by Matthew Collins

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  1. The no. 9 shud b reserved for a world-class striker who would be signed or give it to jay simpson.bendtner can take vela’s 12.

  2. Am not agree for Bendtner to wear number 9 shirt for Arsenal because Niclas is very weak in scoring goal No 9 aleays very sharp in scoring goal. No 9 shirt is fit for Suarez ont Bendtner.
    Arsenal fans.
    Nyuon Puol Top.
    South Sudan

  3. Bendtner no 9? Vela no 11?
    God help us!

  4. Otieno Otis - Lodwar (Kenya).

    Whoever tat wants or is thinking about #9 for bendtner is day dreaming. Get another person, it doesnt even click in my ears please coz of: pace, accuracy, speed and # of goals scored compared to goal attempts.

  5. No. 9 shirt for bendtner, it nice.

  6. it is not the number that plays the game/drogba is wearing number 15 and neva stop scoring goals.if he wants it let himhave it if that will make him score goals

  7. Bendtner only changed last season to #52 as he stated it was a lucky number, why wud he change again. It’ll not happen.

  8. arseen wenger should know thatbendtner is not class of striker arsenal need,please send him on loan or sale him.

  9. please mr wenger,are you sure you are ready for the three ajas players or the press making money for them selves,if you say yes, fans say common wenger and common arsenal.

  10. come on Richmond… you know thats not true Bendtner has proved his class many atime in the past…

  11. ASNLthruNthru

    Bastin, Radford, Smith, McDonald! Can you really see Bendtner donning the no.9 shirt alongside these legends? B52 is far enough!

  12. maybe the number 9 shirt will make him to inprove more lets what him?

  13. Wenger should stop giving number 9 shirt to our strikers.
    List of Arsenal No.9:
    Francis Jeffers
    Davor Suker
    Paul Merson (switched from No.10 due to Bergkamp arrival)
    See the curse there?

  14. Please try and stop Arsenal Promoting Isreal on it’s perimeter boards and website this season Arsenal should be against the Racist State of Isreal. Kick Racism out of football do not support Isreal. I am a life long fan of the Gunners who will never be able to support them again.

  15. I have no idea y everybody seems 2 b so strongly against bendtner he’s a great player n if u recall towards the end of the season he had a pretty impressive goal tally so y shouldnt he b granted the no 9 jersey after all whats in a #????

  16. People moaning that he’s not good enough for a number are deluded.
    He may have his off days, but he was our second top scorer last year, in an injury ridden season.
    And anyway, he only changed to number 52 last year, he won’t be changing it any time soon.

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