Bendtner – I Feel Stronger & Stronger

It has been almost two years since that famous game in Denmark’s history away to Portugal, and Nicklas Bendtner was a major contributor in the 2-3 win with 1 of the 2 goals coming all in the last 10 minutes !

Bendtner has had his fair share of injury headaches since then and there is still strong belief that he might make his footballing comeback¬† from the groin issue when the Dane’s travel to Lisbon on the 8th October in a European Championship Qualifier.

Bendtner goes on to say . . .

Well, i feel good. It goes forward everyday, and i feel less and less pain to my groin. I have less pain and i can do much more things than before. I can feel that it is continually getting stronger and stronger

I’m getting treatment and doing core exercises out here everyday and i have over a half weeks without noticing big problems.

Nicklas brang up the issue about correct time to recover, with not coming back to early and making the injury worse again he goes on to say . . .

Most importantly for me. Now it’s msomething that takes time. The problem is that this has indeed always been. The injury just never got a rest, that it should have got.

Article by Matthew Collins

p.s check out this wonder save by Danish keeper Thomas Sorensen from a penalty from Wayne Rooney on the Fifa World Cup game. Me and a couple of mates were playing and i decided to record the save so here goes . . .

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