Where Would You Play Bendtner When He Returns From Injury ? + * video *

With Nicklas Bendtner’s versatility luckily enough he can play in arguably 3 positions for The Gunners’. They are firstly Central Striker, Left Wing Forward or Right Wing Forward. those of use that watched Denmarks qualification campaign for the 2010 World Cup would have noticed Bendtner sometimes playing out on the left wing almost like a playmaker that makes things happen for them with his creativity, pace and dribbling skills.

Bendtner was often used as a right winger during the  last campaign, in the early season matches before getting injured then going back to his preffered position of central striker for the remainder of the season. I personally think he is best suited to the central striker role because he is capable of dropping deep with good link up play to create chances and has the aerial prowess and good pace to get in behind defences.

Where would you like NB52 to be used when he returns from his long awaited groin injury ?

heres some examples of the vision, finishing etc of N52 check it out !

Article by Matthew Collins


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  1. i would like to see him sit on the bench, or better yet pick up another injury which keeps him out for another few months just so wenger cant put the usless excuse for a premier league footballer on the pitch

  2. I tink chamakh is my 1st choice top striker.so if NB52 must play #9 den he shuld pray 4 fatigue which shuld be like 2weeks 2 next summer.walcot n eboue re ahead of him @ #7 while ashavin n vela re #11 + Cecs,vp nasri,rosicky 4 #8. a lot of gud boots re fightin 4 1st 11 so d tot of pity on NB52 is out of place.rather ask questions lyk where does d likes of vp/chamakh,vela, eboue,diaby/denilson nasri n rosicky fill into wen evry1 is fit?

  3. come on Brad, thats harsh mate Bendtner has scored some vital goals for us and is a good footballer theres no denying it…

  4. The kid will be a qaulity footballer, all the potential in the world to the best striker in the premierleague, saved us last year a few time !!! All the bad comments are harsh!!

  5. BRAD, that’s way too harsh mate…the dude put in some great performances last season…and saved our behinds when it counted…having him as an extra striker provides healthy competition for the #9 spot…

  6. i’d take him ova adebawhore any day any tym

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