NB52: One Day I Hope To Be Denmark Captain + More Injury News . . .

Denmark have recently appointed their new captain in their ranks, new Liverpool defensive midfielder Christian Poulsen 30, but NB hopes to take over from that reign when C-Poulsen retires from international football.

He said . . .

When Jon stopped, was it that it would be either Christian or Daniel Agger, who would replace him. Christian has been with longer than Daniel, so I suppose it’s logical enough that the choice fell on him. When Clark stops again, and I may be – but I know well that Daniel will probably not just think is the best idea. Maybe Daniel and I take turns in state? ( with laughter.)

Daniel is 25, i’m only 22 so i have much time infront of me and can set me to wait some years before the state role comes to me.

Interview then turns to more recent issues as in days-weeks-months. Will he feature in the International Freindly with Czech Republic November 17th?.

Bendtner said . . .

If i am 100 percent combat-ready by then, it will be probably good, but i simply cannot judge or say anything precise about it right now. I take one day and one week at a time, then we’ll see what happens.

But i’m very happy now. It goes well forward. I have trained two days with the ball along with other Arsenal players who must work their way back after injury.

I can feel my groin a little bit, but i would say everything physically is in place. Running wise and in terms of fitness i’m well advanced.

When i have trained with the ball, there are no technical problems. If i must come to some sort of timeframe, it is three-four weeks, when we get to this stage, i can hopefully work quite normally with the rest of the first team.

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  1. com’on niky, u can be the best strike in the world

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