Bendtner Is Back !

After roughly a 3-month lay off, Nicklas Bendtner is now coming back to full fitness and has started full training this morning. It’s a great relief for Arsenal, Denmark and Bendtner fans as he is a crucial figure in both sides with his technique, pace and height he can use on defenders.

Bendtner said . . .

I’m pretty excited and I can not say anything other than that it goes really, really good because I’m going to the club and will now train on a level playing field with the others for the first time.

Now I’m ready and it is a great day for me today. Some of the boys have off because of internationals, but otherwise I will train together with the other first team players at Arsenal and I’ve enjoyed myself so much to this day.

NB went on to say he has not felt no pain in the groin whilst training, for the first time in a long time… he said

I have no pain in the groin and has trained so hard physical training, maybe I’m in my best shape ever. Now, just built it last football on, and then I am combative – first with a couple of reserve team matches to be quite sharp, football terms, and so is my hope that I can be with the first team in 14 days.

Article by Matthew Collins


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  1. great, like things aint bad enough already!!

  2. Is a great to see my guy in training ground.

  3. Give the lad a chance lets see what he can do

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