Bendtner Match Fit For Birmingham Game & Likely To Be In The Squad

For Nicklas Bendtner and many fans around the world, the wait is over to see the Dane make his comeback from a long winding road – that is the groin injury he’s been suffering from for the last 3 and a half months.

NB was scheduled to play a reserve game before his comeback initially but the game versus Everton Reserves was re-scheduled. Now it looks like that he’ll be involved on Saturday.

Bendtner said …

It is absolutely fantastic. I reckon probably right to be involved in the fight on Saturday for Arsenal – and I am ecstatic.

I thought proper that I should play one or two reserve games first, but I am in such good shape that it is not needed. Now I’m physically ready, and when I sign ready for my manager Arsene Wenger, then I’m sure, I’ll also be included in the squad

Article by Matthew Collins


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  1. Good news, more come back pls. we will get it right this season. Gunner 4 life

  2. I’m a gooner & have been all my life! But to be honest, I was hoping Arsenal would have sold this punk to a lower division side in the Summer.
    That of course didn’t happen. So he is now back from injury & that is bad news for us gooners, it now means that If Chamakh gets injured, we are going to have a slow motion, cant pass or shoot striker in front of goal that will never get more then 7 goals a season.

    I can’t stand Bendtner, I just don’t understand what Wenger see’s in the boy.
    He is pafetic and (i can’t believe I’m going to say this) I feel embarresed to be an Arsenal fan when he comes onto the pitch, especially when I’m sitting with friends who support other teams.

    PLEASE Robin come back from injury asap or we will be stuck with the useless cunt.

  3. It will gladdens the hearts all gunners fans to see nick back. He is all we’ve lacking. Welcome our hero. We love you.

  4. Irish Arsenal Addict

    I totally agree with Zeki, Bendtner is a bucket of shite. OK, so he can’t pass, shoot or dribble but at least he could close down defenders and at least try and force them into mistakes. He says he could be one of the best strikers in the world, I’m sorry but Arsene has got this one wrong, and he doesn’t do that too often. I for one, will not be looking forward The Great Strain coming back.

  5. Zaki and Arsenal Addict Irish, come on ? do you seriously know what you’re talking about you obviously don’t know Bendtner’s strengths and weaknesses he is a good dribbler with good pace and can spot a pass too, he scored some crucial goals whilst he was half fit playing with injections… I can name you numerous times he has made assists for Theo Walcott. Plus if you don’t like Bendtner, why are you on a fansite/ news syndicate on him ?

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