Bendtner: No More Physical Pain + In Line For First Start For Arsenal Since May Tommorow Evening

After Nicklas Bendtner’s goal on sunday evening, was not just his 50th goal in England to celebrate, but a start of another era personally for the Dane. NB52 had previously been suffering from pain in the groin after games but has said he doesn’t suffer from this now for the first time in a year.

NB said . . .

It’s the first time in a full year since my car accident that I do not feel pain during and after I’ve played football,

Yes, I played with the pills throughout the spring just to go on the pitch, but I did not know that I was 100 percent ready.

Bendtner is likely to feature tomorrow from the start along with Mexican Carlos Vela and England Speed Demon Theo Walcott in a threatning front 3, expect Bendtner to play as the main striker in The Last 16 Tie @ St James’ Park.



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  1. Looking forward to seeing you get a run of games nick,its great to have you back

  2. Great Dane, just keep bang’n them in. He can be a beast in front of goal.

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