Wenger: Bendtner Being Genuine

Arsene Wenger is set to give Danish Striker Nicklas Bendtner a start in tonight’s Champions League game in the Portuguese Braga in his regular 4-3-3 formation. The Boss has spoken before tonight’s game which will be played in an unfamiliar surroundings for the travelling Arsenal fans as the stadium only has 3 stands. The gaffer has said that Nicklas is just being genuine when he says he wants to start and not being arrogant. NB52 has recently said he would like to start more games and not just be the man to come off the bench to help secure the win.

Wenger said . . .

Nicklas is sometimes a bit outspoken. He is a guy who is honest and genuine. I will wait in the morning to pick the team.

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Article By Matthew Collins


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  1. Are Bayern still interested in signing him? Any chance he’ll go there in January?

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