Irish Legend Praises NB52 + Funny Lehmann Video Ft NB52 and Gilberto ( see here )

Arsenal and Irish legend, Liam Brady also known as “Chippy” by the Arsenal faithful, has lavished praise on Bendtner. The former Arsenal Winger, has spoken about Arsenal’s record of developing Young talent through the F.A Youth Cup into the first team and Bendtner features in that catergory along with other Arsenal ace’s like Alexandre Song, Johan Djourou and Cesc Fabregas.  Brady reminsced about The Dane’s quality as a teen and had alot to say about him.

Brady said on Bendtner  . . .

We had Nicklas, Anthony Stokes and Arturo Lupoli in the team at the same time, and they all tried to outdo each other in the goalscoring! He was always a big lad, and it was a good move for him when he went to Birmingham on loan in the Championship at a young age.

Even when he first joined, he had lots of ability, great skill for a big lad, and scored goals. There’s still a debate about what his main strengths are today, but I would like to see him get in the box more, be on that far post, but he likes to drop deep and be involved in the build up. I always say to him to get in the box though, because that’s where he can score goals, and when he has done that for the Club, he’s proved he can be a goalscorer.

I was looking at some vids on the net last week and come across this bizzare vid check it out haha  . . .

Article by Matthew Collins


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