Bendtner Agent Declares He Wont Be Going Anywhere In This Window

Many clubs have been linked with Bendtner in the last three weeks Ajax, Lazio , Bayern Munich, Liverpool and others but Nicklas Bendtner’s father/agent can declare that the Big Dane will not be leaving Arsenal this January.

Bendtner Senior said . . .

I am quite sure that Nicklas will still be at Arsenal, when this transfer window closes.The only realistic, I can relate to the many rumors and talk about Nicklas is that many big clubs interested in him, and it is only positive. But he has no plans to be away right now and is here.


Article By Matthew Collins



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  1. So why doesn’t he want to go? He has been complaining about not starting and nothing has changed in that, unless Chamakh, van Persie and Walcott get injured, he still isn’t first choice – and that’s leaving out the possibility that Arsenal may sign another striker in this or the next transfer window. Given the number of big clubs who want him, as well as the probable lack of playing time at Arsenal, his and his agent’s reluctance to make the most of this opportunity to further his career seems rather odd. Could you explain?

  2. Its a positive thing that he is staying, obviously being a big fan of Arsenal personally it is great news, I think he will definately get chances to start more game in the Premier Lge aswell as CC and Fa cup champs lge as centre forward or on the wings. He has been at the club since 16 so im sure he just doesn’t wanna leave all that behind …,Arsene Wenger and others that have seen him play for example for Denmark and in his reserve days showed consistent and very good form that not many of the regular Arsenal fans have seen due to him being in and out of the side . . .I.E ( his technicall qualities, dribbling, deft touch, assisting goals etc…


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