Bendtner Set To Bring Out New Mens Jewellery

Nicklas Bendtner has come up with a bright idea, and it isn’t involving a football. He will be entering into the Jewellery industry, designing his own stuff and selling it under his name. The company is set to be called “NB Jewellery LTD” and he will be helped by his father/agent in this business.

NB’s agent said . . .

I can not tell you much yet because we are not fully in place. The only thing I can tell so far is that we have established this company and we will make an exclusive men’s jewelry series.

We have some designs in place and also have some talented people to say what is holding and what is not. But it’s his own ideas reflected. It is also a fun job.

Article By Matthew Collins


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  1. Fuck up,u aint a comitd playa u shud b tinking of imprving n arsenal nik b and nt jewel

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