NB52 Answers Your Questions On TV2 Website, See Them Here

how was it to move from friends and family?
In the beginning it was hard. It was hard and the first half year, I could feel it, but after six months went by, so it was better and I got new friends and got into the new way of life and after it, it’s only gone well

Do you use any of your past successes as the goal against Tottenham, when things go badly at times?
“It’s a good question, I think. Now and then, so I can go to youtube and watch clips of myself to see from the past – from years back and then to now. So I can see that I’ve moved me compared to where I was then.

Ending your career in Denmark, do you think?
It could well be. It depends on how good the league is at the moment but it looks now, it looks great out – especially for the club, I’d like to play in. FC Kobenhavn (Copenhagen).

Why are you at Arsenal when you’re not playing at the position you’d like, but must contend with Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott on the right wing?
Nor is it optimal to play at right wing and it’s not something I want, but sometimes, you have to adapt to the manager.

How is it that people think you should be sold?
A big part of football is about discussion, and if I had to relate myself to all the opinions I hear about me every day, I could never find out what the hell I should do. So I think it is important that you listen to yourself and the people you have around you.

Which club would you rather play next season?
Free choice? Then I say Barcelona.

Got a good tip for someone who wants to be a professional like you?
  It is important that you not only have talent with you, but also has good control of the mental side. You can have just as much talent, but if you do not have your head with you all the way so you can quickly be lost.

Who is your role model and dream mate in the attack?
I have not seen any model ever – at least not in the football world. If I had to pick one player that plays today, then it would probably be Xavi or Iniesta of Barcelona.

Quotes from Ekstra Bladet

Article By Matthew Collins

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