Bendtner Snr Confirms NB52 Is Open To Switch Clubs + Olsen Views On The Situation

Nicklas Bendtner, sadly, looks like he is on his way out of The Emirates. His father/agent has confirmed today that he is open to the idea of switching clubs because of being tired of spending time on the bench. Personally, for me as a Arsenal fan it is not good news, I believe NB52 was never given a fair role here and having watched him on numerous occasions for The reserve sides back in 2005-6 and for Denmark and on his loan spell at Birmingham you can see the quality he has blessed with good feet, decent pace and good in the air he has it all. You cannot blame him for wanting to partways with Arsenal, he is definately the sort of player that needs to be the no.1 striker at a club and be the main man which he has always destined to be.

Thomas Bendtner, ( NB52’s Agent) went on to say . . .

Nicklas is 100 per cent open now to a change of clubs. He has made his decision and he has told it to Arsenal. Nicklas needs to be playing regularly from the start, so, sadly, he must leave. He wanted to finish the season first, so no-one could say he didn’t fight for a first-team place right until the end. There is real interest from both English and German clubs, and Bayern Munich were after him, earlier. It’s very exciting.  But talk about Aston Villa is rubbish. He has not met anyone from there.

Danish national team manager Morten Olsen also spoke on the matter . . .

He should try going to one of the major league’s where the pace, intensity and quality in general is highest. It is what makes him a better player. He is only 23 years and has had an unlucky last season. He will kick-start his career again, so it’s about getting the right place to go. Whether it is Arsenal or another good club, he must decide.There are many good clubs in the big leagues. It is there that I assume that he is looking away. The four major leagues in Europe, where football is played with great intensity, and where it is hardest to be attacking . It must be where he is seeking to go.

Article By Matthew Collins

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  1. Thank god that. Still can’t believe he’s still here

  2. no, i dont want him to leave, he has alot of talent he just needs more playing time. arsene shouldnt let him go.

  3. now i can say proudly that arsenal can win title cos bendtner is leaving arsenal he is not a striker cos he can’t kick a ball poperly thank god that bendtner is leaving arsenal………………………….

  4. I like Bendtner and I can see the potential in him. However I am a little pleased by this news. I WANT him to stay, but I cannot see Wenger changing system or giving him more game time in a central role. And I don’t want to see him wasted on the right. It’s fine here and there and if they use his height and strenght properly (like away at Everton a couple of seasons ago). He would work best in a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 system and, like I said, I don’t see Wenger moving back to it anytime soon. In fact he could work in a 4-3-3 system, but he would need more support from the others. I feel we played great that way in the 1st half of the season…shame we never got to see him much in that role during that time.

    I think he can do well somewhere else but I would prefer it not to be England (even though that would give me a good chance to continue follow his carrear closely). He needs to play in order to progress as a player and he won’t do it at Arsenal I’m afraid. It’s sad to see so many fans not realising he has a lot of potential and give him stick for having a bad season when he has hardly started with the 1st team and when he does get some gametime he is pushed to the right wing….we have NOT seen the best of B52, that is for sure! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the comments people, yeah its a shame he looks like hes leaving but has crazy potential he is in the similar mould of striker to Edin Dzeko and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  6. Lets get rid of all dead wood including Bendtner.we need quality players to fight for honours.gud bye Bendtner and good luck!

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