Hamburg Director Frank Arnesen Says It Would Be A Near Miracle If NB52 joined HSV

Featured player Nicklas Bendtner has stayed in London to decide on which club to join and there has been many interested parties. I’m hearing alot of stuff coming from Germany with BVB also known as Borussia Dortmund being interested in NB. Director of Hamburg SV, Frank Arnesen has declared his interest in Bendtner, but has said it will be a tough challenge to get him to the impressive Imtech Arena.

Frank Arnesen seems to know alot about fellow Dane – Bendtner and has been a long admirer of his talents. Personally I hope Nicklas can go to a league where he will get solid playing time, week in-week out and able to show his all round talent with his technical and powerful side. As I have said before Nicklas is an incredible & unique talent blessed with very good technicall ability despite being 6″4 and there are not many of these players about. Obviously as an Arsenal supporter, I am dissapointed he is set to leave the club but at the same time want him to show all the people that doubted his ability they were wrong.

Frank Arnesen:

His signing would be like a miracle.There are 2 clubs that have made offers to Nicklas. We aren’t among the same level as these clubs. 

Nicklas Bendtner is a very interesting player. It would be a real dream to get to him. He can also play on the offensive midfield behind the attackers.

Article By Matthew Collins


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