NB Plays 45 Mins As Denmark Dominate But Fall To A 2-1 Loss In Glasgow

Nicklas Bendtner started in the centre forward role this evening wearing the trademark no.11 top he usually don’s for his native country, in his first game in pre-season all summer.  The Dane’s travelled to Glasgow, Scotland to take on the Tartan Army. It was all one way traffic in the first twenty mins with Denmark taking control passing the ball with fluidity around the pitch, Scotland couldn’t get near them at times, Eriksen, Kvist, C.Poulsen, Boilesen the left back, and Bendtner all linking up well, with the latter dropping deep at times to collect the ball and link pl.

Scotland though, took a suprising lead against the run of play in the 22nd minute a O.G from William Kvist, after a Snodgrass free kick was fired in hard and low in the blitzing rain in Glasgow it took the Danish defence by suprise. As the half went on, it looked a matter of time before Denmark would hit back as they were almost teasing the Scottish back line with ticcy-taccy football on the edge of the box, the inevitable equalizer did come in the 31st minute when Eriksen struck a high curling ball the beat everyone including Mcregor the goalkeeper of Scotland who misjudged the flight. Scotland scored just before the brake with a counter-attack, Debutant Snodgrass heading in at the back post to head Scotland into a suprise lead.

NB was taken off at the break, he had an alright half, coming deep and spraying some decent balls out to the left and succeeding with a neat turn of feet on Charlie Adam before attempting a through ball onto the on rushing Rommedahl but the ball was cut out. NB’ looked a little short of fitness + rusty at times which is understandable as its his first game back throughout all pre-season. The game ended 2-1 to Scotland with pretty much the same story going on as the first half, much domination from Denmark but no way past the Scottish backline.

Check back to NB news soon!!! Cheers – Matthew Collins


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  1. Sooner he goes the better.

  2. Sooner he goes the better

  3. Were you at the game? The Danish manager said, and I agree, that Scotland were the better team in the first half (no surpirse leads, couldn’t get near them, against the run of play) and that Denmark were the better side in the second half (but that was after both teams had made a load of substitutions). Denmark are a good team, but you were beaten fair and square – please show some respect to other countries and report fairly.

    Apart from that, well done with the website.

  4. Thanks for the thumbs up for the site Glen, much appreciated pal, about the game Denmark did actually dominate long periods of the game. Looking at the stats after the game they didn’t lie, Denmark had 60% possesion and 18 attempts on goal to Scotland’s 6 and it was at Hampden. I’m not even being biast, just honest, i wouldn’t disrespect another nation i’m not even Danish but i like watching them because they play the way the game should be played – to entertain people.

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