Arsenal Boss Says Nicklas Bendtner ” Likely To Leave ” + Has A Minor Ankle Knock *Videos*

NB’s transfer speculation has gone on throughout the summer, it has been on and off, on and off with Wenger saying last week that if Nicklas doesn’t find the right club he will not leave. But stuff might of developed in the last week, Bendtner wasn’t included in Arsenal’s win in Udine and now The Boss is saying NB is likely to leave with his ankle knock not serious enough to jeapordise a move.

Obviously, for me It’s not great news as a Arsenal fan, I always said Nicklas had what it takes to make it to the top, without sounding biased the 6″4 striker has all the ingredients from decent pace, good control, good feet and is decent in the air – taking all those ingredients into perspective you have a potential all round striker upfront maybe one tihng he could work on is work rate but you can’t have it all, but it looks like it wasn’t ment to be for NB at the Gunners’ I just hope he goes onto fufill his potential somewhere albeit if its on loan or a full transfer in the Barclays Premier Lge, Serie A , La Liga or Bundesliga. I know some Danish people may not like this comparision as they’re rivals with Sweden, but I see Nicklas in the same sort of mould as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Denmark legend -John Sivebæk once said – His speed and technique reminds me that of Thierry Henry but there is also a little bit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his challenging and unpredictable style.

Arsene Wenger said in todays press conference : . . .

We are looking for one more striker because we know he [Bendtner] will leave. He has an ankle problem. It is not a bad injury and not threatening, so he won’t be out for two months. But I cannot give you a day that he will be back.

Cheers – Matthew Collins


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  1. Goals against Championship teams. He should go there

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