NB52’s Future Will Be Decided Tomorrow

So it looks like NB is off, All summer he’s been linked with a move away from North London and it looks unfortunately like it’s close by. It looks like a fee has been agreed with some clubs for the 6″4 fleet-footed Dane, (whether its a Premiership or Foriegn side i couldn’t say) with Arsenal signing a new striker. Nicklas has talked on his likely departure and said some stuff on it today.

Nicklas Bendtner went on to say . . .

There can only be one or two places i can go, we’ll find out on Wednesday. It matters what club i go to, thats why its taken so long.


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  1. Karl Karma Marx.

    I pity for the blind club that is going to sign Bentner. My unborn child will never miss him. Thats a good riddiance of bad rubbish.

  2. You are so sad, thats a young international player earning more than £50K a week from his tallent, If hes so bad how come hes worth so much, Whats your weekly income from bad mouthing players on internet sites??

  3. Good riddance.. Pls can Chamakh (chiamaka) go with him. Birds of a feather..

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