Nicklas Bendtner Puts In MOTM Performance As He Leads Denmark To A 2-0 Lead Scoring Twice *Video*

Denmark was victorious in the “Nordic Derby” this evening, there was much anticipation leading up to this game with some mind games going on. Featured player, Nicklas Bendtner played 87 mins and had a great game to be honest, he lead the line really well and showed what he was all about dropping deep for the ball and driving at the heart of the Norwegian defence and putting in Rommedahl and Krohn-Dehli with some nice through balls on a couple of occasions, along with that he scored two goals. the latter was a great fizzing low drive from about 25 yards, right in the corner. In many ways we was seeing the old Nicklas Bendtner – playing with a burden of his shoulders and a freedom – Technically very good all night and looked really sharp.

Denmark carried on from where they left off in Glasgow, ultimate domination in terms of possesion, NB, Eriksen, Boilesen and Krohn-Dehli all linking up well with nice technicall play. I watched the game on British broadcasters ESPN and they were having technicall problems with getting through to the live cameras in Copenhagen but i saw the majority of the game, it was mostly one way traffic.

Nicklas’ goals here . . .
szólj hozzá: Denmark 1-0 Norway

Cheers – Matthew Collins

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