N.B-52 – “I Shouted, F%ck You!” After Decisive Goal! *Video*

In the build up to Denmark’s vitally important qualifiers against Cyprus and Portugal, N.B-52 has joined a new club on loan in the Barclays Premiership – Sunderland Afc, he’s done well there thus far, getting his first goal on the weekend, and having 2 assists already in his name, one of them a fine assist cutting in from the left side before whipping in a telling cross for his Sunderland team-mate Elmohamody to head in, building up a telling partnership with Phillipe Sessegnon. I’ve always rated N.B52 from when i first see him play back in 2005 for A.F.C Reserves, blessed with great technicall ability on the deck, strong/tall and a good range of vision, Nicklas always had the ingredients to make it into the ‘world-class ‘ bracket. Though, through his time at Arsenal he admittedly went through some rough stages, some people doubted his ability and i gotta say alot of sections in the media/terraces loved to hate on him. N.B-52 was speaking about that double goal salvo against Norway, where he scored twice to give the Dane’s a 2-0 lead and how he let loose after his second on the night.

Well I screamed, Fuck you, I shouted it as loud as I could and it came straight from the heart to all the doubters. I just had enough, and for me it was a release torque. Such a moment where I left off all the frustrations loose and got air. It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve had in my football life. It is quite clear-to me how the audience reacted when I walked off , it affected me enormously emotionally. I must admit that I had wet eyes as I sat on the bench. I felt as if people had compassion for me and suddenly understood what I had gone through since my serious car accident.

Here’s the precision strike again . . .

Cheers – Matthew Collins

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  1. i am not a waggonist.Bendtner has lot of quality,a world class in progress,i am sure he gonna make the first team upon his return

  2. Rob @ The Arsenal

    Number 52 is bollocks. Opinionated and very ordinary. No technical quality whatsoever. Only one attribute: height, and this is through no merit of his. Just mother nature being kind on him. Football- wise he is very very ordinary, if not lacking. Can’t head a ball, his shot is almost always woefully off target or lame (or both), his passing is poor, his speed is non existent. No vision whatsoever and has a knack of being in the wrong place at the right time. I honestly hope with all my heart he keeps his word and never returns to Arsenal, though I fear that nobody will be so self-destructive as to take him off our hands. Even that knob Bruce only offered to have him on loan.
    I haver never understood what AW sees in this lanky and graceless self-opinionated classless Dane. Never has been Premiership quality, let alone Arsenal quality. Probably could make it in some Scandinavian or Scottish team, though I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

  3. Haha wow, someone’s angry, come on man, talk some sense. You seem to have ALOT of anger towards Bendtner, why though ?….. + you say ” No technical quality whatsoever” thats B.S his showed many times his quaity fr instance look at that goal against Ipswich the first touch was really good and the chop inside the finish he only took 3 touches, that my friend was a technically spotless goal and what about the assist on the weekend for the Sunderland right winger superb cross, the cross for V.persie’ goal last season @ elland road by N.B-52. i could go on and on but that would take to long. I appreciate the comment on the article but i honestly think you’re going to far with your statements.

  4. Rob @ The Arsenal

    @ matthew789

    Hi. I appreciate your defense of number 52. All fans should be like you and stand for everything and everyone representing their Club. I fully realize that I have just done the exact opposite of what I here write. This is because there are exceptions to any rule. The problem I have with number 52 is primarily down to the fact that he represents everything, in my view, that O’s MOT Arsenal. He is TOO opinionated, I.e. he doesn’t have the goods to go with his opinion of himself. Most opinionated people also have the goods; he doesn’t. You quote 3 moments in his entire Arsenal career, and state that you could go on. Don’t think you could! I could go on about his numerous missed chances, his atrocious first touch, his total lack of positional sense. OK. He scored a few goals. Only one memorable goal, though. The one against Ipswich. Ok. Hey, let me tell you a little secret. Number 52 is still, he himself, trying to capacitate himself as to how the hell he managed that 3 touch trick. In fact we all are, and if you’re honest you are too. See the point? Not one single person EXPECTS number 52 to produce something like that. Reason is that he doesn’t have the necessary skills. Those 3 touches wre a fluke. Total fluke. He’ll NEVER do anything like that again. Not even if he lives 9 lives. It WAS a phenomenal goal, agreed. But it was a fluke. Had it been TH14 scoring the very same goal it would have been a great goal and very NORMAL. That’s because we all expected great moments from the great TH14. Pretty much the same as you expected from Wrighty, Freddie or RP7. But NB just doesn’t have the necessary skills.

  5. Haha theres no point even debating with you Rob, you’re acting like a child. If you don’t think this guy has ability and what not why do you choose to come on here and slate him continuously. He’s a top class player, theres nothing to prove!!. I play 5-6 aside football myself and I know a good player when i see one. He’s got the touch, dribbling, awarness/vision of people around him, + as a bonus his got height too maybe one thing he could work on is his work rate and concentration, but he has got all the ingredients to make it to the top and be known as a World Class Footballer, I do not know why you’d hate a guy so much !

  6. Maybe Rob should watch some youtube videos of Bendtner and then come back?

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