Denmark – Portugal Match Preview, N.B-52 On His Personal Footballing Dream + On Media Sections

As the match between Portugal + Denmark comes closer, both teams have been fired questions by the media and other sections. Its a vital match for Denmark & obviously aswell for N.B-52, talented players should be playing on the biggest stage and thats where NB and some of the other crop of young players such as Christian Eriksen and Simon Kjaer will be fighting to be come tomorrow evening at the Parken stadium, Copenhagen.

I reckon it’ll be a close encounter with the Dane’s mostly playing the counter-attacking game, Portugal will pose a threat with fast tricky wingers in the world class pairing of Nani and of course Cristiano Ronaldo. Denmark play more of a technicall passing game and will look to use Nicklas Bendtner/Christian Eriksen/Krohn-Dehli partnership often. NB was fired questions at pre game and they asked him what his footballing dream was he replied what his dream was but did NOT say he is currently in this criteria or this and that, i know some people like to twist some words to make a story.

I have many dreams, but a headline, I would be really proud of, which means that now I have achieved something very big – would probably be something like: ‘Bendtner in the race as the world’s best player. That could be among the five who set as FIFA Player of the Year ‘- it would be a great dream.

I know there are many who have an opinion about me, and I have also experienced being exhibited in certain ways – I’m such or such – I really like the fact that people really do not know how I am. Should I describe myself with a word that people might not immediately guess it’s enough that I am a very giving person, it means a lot to me. 

– It was a fantastic experience to be switched out and get the salute, as the entire park ( Parken Stadium,Copenhagen) gave. It was a very special moment for me and it meant a lot – probably one of my greatest moments in the park.


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