N.B-52 Praise For Zlatan Ibrahimovic & *Videos*

Denmark and Sweden meet again on Friday night in an International Friendly Match, the two Scandinavian rivals met last time in late 09′ for the World Cup South Africa 10′ Qualifiers, in a decider to see who will qualify out of the group. Denmark came out victorious that night, with Bendtner squaring it to Jakob Poulsen, who hit a hard low powerful shot past the keeper from 20 yards, Which saw them qualify.

N.B-52 as an Arsenal youngster was seen in a similar mould to the tall Swedish forward, a good touch and great technique ability on the ball despite being tall and strong. The two will go head to head on Friday but Bendtner very much respects his opponent.

He went on to say . . .

Zlatan is a great player, something I’ve said many times before. Somehow we’re also the same size. It’s not because I regard him as a role model,I have never had any actual role models, I can certainly learn something from Zlatan. He has won many trophies have been in many different clubs and done well in them all. That I am not thinking about. I always try to play up to my best, no matter who I play against. I think all footballers do.

If we win, we have beaten Norway and Sweden recently, and Finland are the next. So we have to be the best in Scandinavia. 



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