N.B-52’s All Time World XI

Nicklas Bendtner in a Danish interview was asked to name his all time favourite eleven, In a 4-3-3 he went with a offensive team. In his younger Arsenal reserve’s days N.B-52 on a few occasions played alongside Ashley Cole and rates the Left-Back very highly,  also includes ex Premier League wing wizard Cristiano Ronaldo.


Cafu – Beckenbauer – Maldini – Cole

Xavi – Zidane – Cruyff

Messi – Pele – C. Ronaldo

N.B-52 on Cristiano Ronaldo and former teammate:

 Ok, I do not want to stare at him, but his grades are insane. I love a little self-confidence and arrogance, but the boy is because of the wild … but, hey, vice versa, so he can do whatever he pleases. Have heard that he lives like a robot with food, sleep, exercise, etc., and you can see.

We can not take anything from him, he is probably as complete as you can be as a footballer .. He hits records all the time and no, it’s not others – it is his own … He writes history already.  I played with Ashley Cole of Arsenal, and since then I’ve been crazy about his style. He can do everything a back could be, but most of all he is a formidable defender. 

Ronaldo has said that Cole is the hardest he has played against in a 1-on-1 situation, and I can only agree with him. Ashley is quick, good with the ball, calm, deliberate and violent in its action. On top of it causes him problems for the opponent’s defense when he is not defending. He should have won more in his career but he still has time.

Question is if you had to choose a world XI, who would be in it ?

Cheers Matthew Collins


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  1. Seaman


    Di Stefano-Zidane-Ribery

    Messi-Henry-C. Ronaldo

    Subs: Ronaldo, Van Persie, Casillas, Xavi, Ronaldinho, Cannavaro, Maldini

  2. I will rather go for
    Cafu Bekenbeu Maldini Marcelo
    C.Ronaldo Nesta Fabregas
    G.Wear Pele Messi

  3. I will rather go for
    Cafu Bekenbeu Maldini Marcelo
    C.Ronaldo Nesta Fabregas
    Pele Messi

  4. Wish we would hurry up and sell this “player”

  5. Guyz, i hope these doesn’t even fit in the 3rd XI

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