N.B-52: I’m Not Quite 100% Yet

Featured player Nicklas Bendtner feels he is not yet quiet 100% in sharpness although the Denmark attacker feels he is obviously in better shape than 2 years ago when he & Denmark travelled to South Africa for the World Cup 2010 where he had a groin injury. Denmark face Brazil on Saturday in a International Friendly in Hamburg, Germany which is sure to be a really good encounter. Bendtner is likely to start in this game in a crucial preparation for the Euro’s.

N.B-52 : . . .

I’m in OK shape. Of course it is better this time because I have not been injured. I’m not in my life-form, but it brings me. I have two weeks here, and there are three weeks to Euro 12′ starts. It’s plenty of time to get the last 10-15 percent of what is missing.  

It was suggested by a journalist that maybe Training in Sunderland and the lower number of matches in the week could be the reason …

 I do not know. I’ve just not been. This could be explained by the fact that we have trained a little differently and this is the first time I’ve only played Saturday-Saturday-Saturday. Previously, I have been accustomed to play two or three times a week at Arsenal. I feel that I get tired faster now, and we go pretty hard for it.

Check back here before the Denmark-Brazil game for team news

Cheers – Matthew Collins


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  1. arsenalfan5678

    Bendtner is rumored to be on a loan with french club evian thonon gaillard and join the likes of christian poulsen (ex liverpool)

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